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3.5° L - Briess Malting - Goldpils® Vienna Malt is a superb example of a classic malt. Less sweet than Pale Ale Malt, it is a rich malty 2-Row base malt that offers complexity and depth with a toasted note at the finish for your classic Vienna, Oktoberfest and Marzen beers. Goldpils® Vienna Malt is less modified than Pale Ale Malt and less intensely kilned than Munich Malts. As a result it delivers malty flavor with less sweetness than Pale Ale Malt and less color than Munich Malts. You can use this malt at  up to 100% for tradtional German Lagers and rich, full flavored dark beers.  It can also be used to provide a delicious maltiness to IPA's, where we suggesting using GoldPils as 10% of your overall grain bill.


Vienna Malt

1 Pound
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